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Szukamy osób do zespołu tworzącego zaawansowany system rehabilitacji.

BioMinds XR it is a system that ensures holistic neurological rehabilitation at every stage of the disease and recovery under constant supervision of a specialist - in the period right after falling ill, during rehabilitation at the center, at home. It provides individually tailored physical, cognitive, and psychological rehabilitation in an augmented reality environment. The entire system is characterized by the individualization of the therapeutic process, setting the exercises in the scenery of everyday activities while maintaining high graphic quality. At the same time, using the eye-tracking, EEG, and NFir technology, we enable people with various language problems to start communication with the environment, restoring their ability to function in society. Additionally, for healthy people it allows to increase cognitive, psychological, and motor performance. Based on many years of experience and market analysis, access to specialized, comprehensive, individualized specialist neurological holistic therapy is not available. Customers need to increase the availability of this form of therapy especially in COVID 19 time. Therapy, which at the same time is not expensive, but is effective and causes an increase in independence and a sense of satisfaction with the life of the sick person.

Existing systems are based on large devices in their size and contain a single therapeutic plane. This created logistical and functional problems – the therapeutic process required the use of several tools and hospitals had to adapt the rooms for these systems. The purchase of the system itself meant a significant cost.

BioMinds Healthcare aims to improve the quality of life of the patients and to increase the availability of effective comprehensive therapy.  BioMinds helps speed up the recovery of adults with neurological conditions (strokes and brain injuries, multiple sclerosis, Cerebral Palsy, etc.). These are chronic, incurable diseases, requiring long-term motor and cognitive rehabilitation.  We are also working on the system to provide access to the solution to us as specialists and members of our families for rehabilitation.

The finished system is composed of:

1.              Top-of-the-line devices (AR, VR and MR glasses) with our dedicated application

2.              Operator interface (doctor defining the type and plan of exercise) and the possibility of participating in exercises

3.              EEG devices and detection and biofeedback system and transmission of this to communication

4.              Eye tracing devices and translating this into the language of communication

5.              Server running on-premises and in the cloud

6.              ML Machine Learning Server

7.              Support system for rehabilitation facilities including robotic rehabilitation skeletons

8.              Unique exercise scenarios designed and transferred to the functionality of the application (mechanics + graphics) and woven into the ability to control the degree of complexity of tasks.

ABOUT BioMnids Healthcare Sp. z o.o.
We are an innovative company offering unique, new-generation healthcare solutions which will change rehabilitation for people after stroke or brain damages.

The current value of the global VR / AR / MR market is around USD 11 billion. It is expected that the VR market in the coming years will grow at around 13% per year, while AR / MR at a rate of over 20% per year. According to analysts of Goldman Sachs, by 2025 the market of medical VR and AR / MR solutions will be the second most important sector in the entire VR / AR / MR market after the gaming sector.
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