Full Stack Ruby on Rails Developer


10000 - 15000 PLN

Wielkość firmy
10 - 24
Stack technologiczny
Ruby on rails:
Ofri is the second biggest platform in Switzerland that helps to connect homeowners with construction partners to remodel their homes. In 2019 employers posted over 27.000 jobs and received over 140.000 proposals. We offer the chance to work for a company that directly impacts the lives of its users.

We are on our way to become the #1 platform. We want to create a unique customer experience by improving trust between homeowners and construction partners, providing tools to increase market transparency and educating involved parties about the remodeling domain.

We’re looking for a full stack ruby on rails developer (possibly two, so don’t hesitate to apply!) with a pioneer spirit who will work in a small product team and have high impact on the technical side of the product.

  • Ruby 2.7, Rails 6
  • MySQL 8
  • Hybrid infrastructure approach - ubuntu lts + some docker containers (whole thing configured via Ansible - it’s almost maintenance free at this point so devops skills not required)
  • Redis + some redisearch
  • Python (we do some ML on the side)

  • Webpacker
  • Bootstrap 4, stimulusjs, jquery, some react (is most complex UI-wise section), semantic-ui on the support panel, typescript

  • github pull requests and code reviews, 3 different deployment environments
  • we heavily rely on CI&CD (CircleCI) and test whole stack - we do both unit and feature specs (over 90% C0 coverage) and have bunch of linters hooked-in (rubocop + eslint + brakeman + bundle audit + stylelint + some more)
  • at the moment we’re using Trello and working in a kanban style - we meet every week for dev & company-wide calls

  • Metabase, GA analytics, inspectlet as session replay tool

Ofri is a small and driven team of 12 people, we were a fully remote company, before it was cool and we don’t have a physical office. But we do have people living and working in Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Lithuania, Greece, Romania and Poland. Working hours are flexible (some overlap required - especially during weekly meetings on Monday), we have strong focus on AB-testing new features and data-driven decisions.

So if you love the freedom and flexibility to manage your own work load and schedule, then Ofri is your company. We’re not a software house so you won’t be doing rails new every 2 months, but on the other hand your work will have tremendous impact and you will have a chance to see what works and what doesn’t over a longer period of time - iterate, refactor and learn from your mistakes and decisions. You will also have the chance to see a codebase that survived ~10 years and lead to having a profitable and growing business.
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